Where did we get the name Oblio?

In 1971 singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson released an album called "The Point!", which tells the story of Oblio and his dog Arrow.   Oblio is a little boy who lives in the Pointed Village, a town where by law everybody and everything must have a point.  All the buildings have points, all the trees have points, all the animals have points, and all the people have points on the top of their heads.  The only problem is that Oblio was born without a point.  To hide his "pointless" condition Oblio wears a pointed hat and he is accepted by the village even though everyone knows the truth.

Everything is going along fine until one day the son of the evil count challenges Oblio to Triangle Toss, a game where the players catch triangles on their heads.  With the help of his dog Arrow, Oblio beats the count's son.  After learning of his son's defeat, the evil count is so enraged that he confronts the good-hearted yet timid king and demands that Oblio and Arrow be banished from the kingdom.  Reluctantly, a jury agrees that Oblio is breaking the law of the land by being "pointless" and the king is forced to banish Oblio and Arrow to the Pointless Forest.

Once arriving in the Pointless Forest Oblio and Arrow soon discover that even in the Pointless Forest everything has a point.  In the forest they meet all sorts of curious creatures like a giant bee, a "pointed man" who points in every direction, a man made of rocks, and a pointed tree who helps Oblio see that everyone has a point, even if it is not so obvious as a point on one's head.

After spending the night in the Pointless Forest Oblio and Arrow awaken to a large stone hand pointing them down the road to their "destination".  Oblio and Arrow follow the road and find themselves back in the Pointed Village, much to the shock of the villagers.  Oblio tells the town that through his adventures he has learned that "Everything has a point", including the Pointless Forest.  Oblio declares, "A point in every direction is the same as no point at all."

After this revelation, the points on everyone and everything melt away, except for Oblio.  Upon removing his hat, Oblio has the genuine point he has always wanted.